【IT英語】ITパスポート試験にらくらく合格 英単語リスト〜ストラテジ編〜




試験は、CBT(Computer Based Testing)で実施され、試験後、即座にスコアが出されます。



Firm and Law

・Corporate Philosophy
・Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
・Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)
・Ethical, Legal and Social Issues(ELSI)

・Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
・Chief Operating Officer(COO)
・Chief Financial Officer(CFO)
・Chief Information Officer(CIO)

・Organizational Structure
・Human Resources Technology(HR Tech)
・Work Engagement

・Business Continuity Plan(BCP)
・Business Process Re-engineering(BPR)
・Plan Do Check Action(PDCA)
・Human Resource Management(HRM)
・On the Job Training(OJT)
・Off the job training(Off-JT)

・ABC Analysis
・Pareto Chart
・Scatter Plot

・Financial Statements
・Balance Sheet
・Profit and Loss Statement
・Cash Flow Statement
・Return On Equity(ROE)
・Return of Investment(ROI)
・Return On Asset(ROA)
・Price Earning Ratio(PER)

・Corporate Governance
・Labor Law
・Dispatched Labor

・Copyright Law
・Patent Law
・Cross License

・International Organization for Standardization(ISO)
・Quick Response Code(QR)

Management Strategy

・Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats(SWOT)
・Product Portfolio Management(PPM)
・Value, Rarity, Imitability, Organization(VRIO Analysis)
・Core Conpetence
・Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A)
・Management Buyout(MBO)
・Take Over Bid(TOB)
・Initial Public Offering(IPO)
・Joint Venture
・Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM)
・Skimming Pricing
・Penetration Pricing
・Dynamic Pricing

・Product Price Place Promotion(4P)
・Customer Value Customer Cost Convenience Communication(4C)
・Recency Frequency Monetary(RFM Analysis)
・Ansoff Matrix
・Opinion Leader
・Web Marketing
・Cross Media Marketing
・User Experience(UX)
・Direct Marketing
・Segmentation Marketing
・Big Data
・Text Mining

・Balanced Scorecard(BS)
・Critical Success Factors(CSF)
・Key Goal Indicator(KGI)
・Key Performance Indicator(KPI)
・Business Model Canvas
・Observe Orient Decide Act(OODA)

・Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)
・Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
・Sales Force Automation(SFA)
・Supply Chain Management(SCM)
・Value Chain Management(VCM)
・Knowledge Management
・Theory Of Constraint(TOC)
・Cyber Physical System(CPS)
・Digital Twin

・Research and Development(R&D)
・Open Innovation
・Closed Innovation
・Application Programming Interface(API)Economy
・Devil River Valley of Death Darwinian Sea

・Technology Roadmap
・Radio Frequency Identification(RFI)
・Integrated Circuit(IC)
・Near Field Communication(NFC)
・Global Positioning System(GPS)
・Artificial Intelligence(AI)
・Deep Learning
・Point of Sales System(POS)
・Traceability System

・Engineering System
・Computer Aided Design(CAD)
・Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM)
・Concurrent Engineering
・Just In Time Manufacturing
・Line/Cellular/Lean Manufacturing
・Lead Time

・Electronic Commerce(EC)
・Long tail
・Consumer Generated Media(CGM)
・Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
・Escrow Service
・Internet Banking
・electric Know Your Customer(eKYC)

・Internet of Things(IoT)
・Smart Factory/Smart City
・Embedded System/Software
・Home Energy Management System(HEMS)

・Initial Cost Running Cost
・Total Cost of Ownership
・Lean Startup

・Digital Transformation

System Management

・Partial Optimization
・Enterprise Architecture(EA)
・Systems of Engagement(SoE)
・Systems of Record(SoR)

・Data Flow Diagram(DFD)
・Entity Relationship Diagram(ER)
・Business Process Modeling Notation(BPMN)
・Unified Modeling Language(UML)
・Business Process Reengineering(BPR)
・Business Process Management(BPM)
・Work Flow System

・Bring Your Own Device(BYOD)
・Sharing Economy
・Robotic Process Automation(RPA)
・IoT(Internet of Things)
・Social Network Service(SNS)

・Infrastructure as a service(IaaS)
・Platform as a service(PaaS)
・Software as a service(SaaS)
・Desktop as a service(DaaS)
・Application Service Provider(ASP)
・Proof of Concept(PoC)
・On premise
・Cloud Computing

・Solution Business
・System Integrator(SI)
・Request For Information(RFI)
・Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA)
・Request For Proposal(RFP)

・Information Literacy
・Digital Divide